Alexander Falster, M.S. - Research Associate

Research Technologist

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

University of New Orleans

New Orleans, LA 70148

email      phone (504) 280-6794      fax (504) 280-7396 


University of New Orleans: M.S. Geology

University of New Orleans: B.S. Geology

University of Wisconsin: A.S. Chemistry

Research Interests -

Granitic pegmatites, their mineralogy, mineral chemistry, geochemistry, and origin

Mineral chemistry

Analytical techniques used for mineral and rock analyses

Synthesis of crystalline microprobe standard materials

Teaching -

Laboratory Equipment & Operations

Faculty - The Maine Pegmatite Workshop

Hobbies and Favorite Things -

Mineral and rock analysis

Writing about the above


Traveling the world in search of pegmatites and other mineral deposits

Native American ceremonial and craft items


Large format photography

Collecting minerals, especially those from granitic pegmatites, and among those, columbite-tantalite group minerals

Old mining equipment

Getting Skip's Van Unstuck

Most Memorable Events -

Being adopted by two Native American Nations

Immigrating to the USA in 1974 and becoming a citizen in 1983