Frank C. Perham, B.S. - Research Associate

Field Work, Historian, and Pegmatite Miner


Bates College : B.S. in Geological Science

Over 45 years of mining and mineral collecting experience in Maine pegmatites.

Research Interests -

Granitic pegmatites, their mineralogy, mineral associations and replacements

Pocket emplacements

Teaching -

First hand experiences at reknowned Maine pegmatites, ex: Mount Mica, Dunton Quarry, Harvard Quarry, etc.

Historical pegmatite deposits in Maine

Faculty - The Maine Pegmatite Workshop

Faculty - The Maine Mineral Symposium

Hobbies and Favorite Things -

Pegmatite mineral and rock analysis



Pyrotechnics - occasionally

Collecting mineral oddities, especially those from granitic pegmatites

Fixing old mining equipment

Watching Skip's Van get stuck and saying, "I told you so!"

Most Memorable Events -

The mining of the large elbaite tourmaline find at the Dunton Quarry, Newry, Maine, circa 1972

Mining at Mount Mica, Paris, Maine, especially in 1965, and in 2004-2006.

The Maine Pegmatite Workshop

C/O Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

University of New Orleans

New Orleans, LA 70148