James Nizamoff, M.S. - Research Associate


University of New Orleans: M.S. Earth Sciences, 2006

University of Maine: B.S. Geology/Chemistry, 1996

Research Interests -

Phosphate mineralogy and paragenesis of granitic pegmatites.

Mineralogy, geochemistry and petrogenesis of granitic pegmatites

Mineralogy of beryllium- and scandium-bearing species

Mineralogy of alpine veins and greisen-type deposits

Alkaline rocks and associated pegmatites

Ph.D. Topic -

-in progress-

email      phone (504) 280-6325      fax (504) 280-7396 

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

University of New Orleans

New Orleans, LA 70148

Masters Thesis Title -

"The Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of the Palermo #2 Pegmatite, North Groton, New Hampshire"

Academic History -

Jim is part of the MP2 Research Group that is headed by Dr. William "Skip" Simmons, Professor of Mineralogy at UNO.

He is a faculty member of the Maine Pegmatite Workshop, operated by the MP2 Research Group. Jim is in charge of the Field Trip sessions.

In 1998, as part of a cooperative study with Dr. Federico Pezzota of the Museum of Natural History, Milan, Italy, Jim spent two months with Al Falster doing field work at the Antandrokomby pegmatite in the central highlands of Madagascar.

He is currently employed as a Mineralogist at Omya, Inc., Proctor, Vermont.

Hometown and Hobbies -

Jim is originally from Putnam, Connecticut.

Mineral collecting and mining.

Hiking, rock climbing and mountaineering.

Digital photography.


Memorable Moments -

Finally getting my master's degree.

Discovering several new mineral species.

All of my wonderful experiences during field trips to Madagascar, Namibi and Brazil.

Getting to meet and hang out with all kinds of great mineralogical minds including Skip Simmons, Mike Wise, Al Falster, Bob Whitmore, Frank Perham, etc.

Climbing White Horse Ledge in North Conway, NH at night.

Getting to crawl into tourmaline pockets at Mount Mica.

Favorite Things -

Collecting a fine crystal.

Enjoying food and drink with friends at Taqueria Corona in NOLA.

Discovering a new mineral specie.

Discussing and/or teaching pegmatites with friends and colleagues.

Being a slave laborer for Uncle Bob Whitmore.

A quiet fall day in the woods of Maine or New Hampshire.