Dr. Karen L. Webber - Associate Director

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Earth and Env. Sciences

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

University of New Orleans

New Orleans, LA 70148

email      phone (504) 280-6791      fax (504) 280-7396 


Rice University: Ph.D. Earth and Environmental Sciences

University of New Orleans: M.S. Earth Sciences

University of Texas at Austin: B.S. Geology

Research Interests -

Quantitative Thermal Modeling of Lithospheric Magma Bodies and Surrounding Country Rock Rates in Igneous Systems

Mathematical and Experimental Determination of Magmatic and Crystal Growth Parameters for Highly Evolved Silicate Systems

Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Petrology of Volcanic Rocks Associated with Active Continental Margins

Volcanic Petrogenesis of the Southern Sierra Madre Occidental

Teaching -

Igneous Petrology

Earthquakes and Volcanoes

Optical Mineralogy

Igneous Petrogenesis

Physical Geology

Historical Geology

Natural Hazards and Disasters

Field-based Introductory Geology

Faculty - The Maine Pegmatite Workshop

Hobbies -


Fly Fishing


Jewelry Making

Cleaning Ugly Shirts

Getting Skip's Van Unstuck