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As our research and projects develop, members of the MP2 Research Group are invited to present a lecture, poster session or write a short paper based upon our work. The abstracts we submit for these lectures and preliminary papers contain information and ideas we hope you will find useful and interesting.

Some of these abstracts will contain more images and figures than the original submission and we will often update the information even though the abstract is finished. Charts and graphs have been colorized for visual impact and reflect the actual data, but some details are limited by the resolution of computer screens.

If you would like to contact the author(s) for more information, make comments or contribute information, click on the primary author's name in the abstract, or you will find all of the author(s) contact information under the Staff or Graduate Students pages.

Current Abstracts - make your selections here
The Cooperative Effects Of Lead and Structural Water On Color Intensity Of Microcline,
Var. Amazonite
A New site for Gadolinite-(Y) in Wisconsin
New Data on Roscherite-Group Minerals from New England, South Dakota and Brazil
Fluorapatite from the Emmons Quarry Pegmatite, Greenwood, Oxford County, Maine
Gem Tourmaline From Nigeria


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