Equipment List

The MP2 Research Group is proud to have, as its principal analytical instrument, a fully-automated, nine-spectrometer ARL SEMQ Electron Microprobe. Used for chemical & trace element analyses of minerals, on thin-sections and microprobe mounts.

Mechanical Features

Full automation of analyses is accomplished with high-precision servo stepping-motors coupled with a computer interface. The sample stage and spectrometers are automated and motorized and may be set up for automatic operation or manually by the user.

Computer Control

The probe is controlled from a PC and is networked with all other computers in the group for easy data sharing.

Analytical Features

The instrument is a nine-spectrometer microprobe with six fixed (Si, Al, Ca, Fe, Mg, Ti) and three tunable WDS spectrometers. An active beam current regulator enables fully automatic drift correction. The probe is outfitted with an integral SEM which facilitates analysis of zoned or otherwise heterogeneous samples. Both EDS-based and WDS-based X-ray mapping is possible. As a benefit to those with varied specimens, the operator has the option of viewing the target in either reflected or transmitted light as well as with or without polarized light.

Electron Microprobe