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As our research and projects develop, images generated and collected by the MP2 Research Group are used in lectures, poster sessions or publications. Additionally, as we travel the world and visit many geological and mineral locations, we image our adventures and what we see.

The images presented here are just a small sample of our collection. We have tried to compile similar types of images on the same page(s) and page is listed below. Each image contains a caption and any additional information we hope you will find useful and interesting.

If you would like to contact the Staff for more information about an image, make comments or contribute information, you will find all of the author(s) contact information under the Staff or Graduate Students pages. When known, the photgrapher will be given credit and all images are copyrighted.

Current Images - make your selections here!
Backscattered Electron Images
NEW: Pezzottaite - A new beryl group mineral


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