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Much of our research reaches it culmination by publishing the results or using the information in original works. Members of the MP2 Research Group publish the results in various journals known throughout the world. Someday soon, even more original work will be published through the internet and we are preparing ourself for that time and future. You will find some of our previously published papers collected here, giving you the opprtunity to study our work at your leisure.

Some of the papers listed below will start with a shorter version of the original paper, usually just the title, authors and abstract. But a link will be supplied to the full version of the publication.

If you would like to contact any author for more information, make comments or contribute information, you will find all of their contact information under the Staff or Graduate Students pages of this site. When the author is not part of our current staff, an email link will be supplied.

Current Papers - make your selections here

The New Orleans Meteorite: September, 2003
Images, chemical data and the story.

Londonite, a new mineral species: The Cs-dominant analogue of Rhodizite,
from the Antandrokomby granitic pegmatite, Madagascar

Cooling Rates and Crystallization Dynamics Of Shallow Level Pegmatite-Aplite Dikes,
San Diego County, California

Unorthodox Compositional Trends In Columbite-Group Minerals
From The Animikie Red Ace Pegmatite, Wisconsin, USA

A Spectacular New Beryl-Group Mineral From The Sakavalana Pegmatite, Fianarantsoa Province, Madagascar

Liddicoatite Tourmaline From Anjanabonoina, Madagascar. a PDF file will download
A GIA article by By Dona Dirlam, Brendan Laurs, Federico Pezzotta, and William (Skip) Simmons
- NEW: 2-25-05

Beryl Group Minerals: A Technical Summary.
A handout and slides from a lecture by William (Skip) Simmons
- NEW: 5-8-05


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