Equipment List

In conjunction with the Electron Microprobe, the microbeam laboratory of the MP2 Research Group is equipped with an Amray 1820 Digital Scanning Electron Microscope.

Computer Control

The SEM is controlled through a Windows-based operating system and is networked with all other computers in the group for easy data sharing. Computer control is via an Iridium IXRF System.

Analytical Features

The IXRF Systems, Inc. software provides for easy access to digital imaging, EDS analysis, and advanced capabilities such as X-ray line scanning, X-ray mapping, and feature analysis. Automated operation greatly enhances output. X-ray maps may be produced with a resolution of 2048 x 2048 pixels; line-scan EDS analyses can run at 2048 pixel resolutions; and EDS analyses may give 4096 x 4096 pixel output resolutions. The computer system is set up for feature analysis with statistical processing of the data. Image processing is also enhanced with 3-D image manipulation and false-color imaging. Finally, due to the system architecture, direct downloads of data to PC-based spreadsheet programs enable quick, efficient analysis and communication of data.

Scanning Electron Microscope