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Over the years, the MP2 Research Group has traveled the world in pursuit of our research and interests. We have visited important mineralogical and geological locations, attended national and international meetings, all the while searching out new information and data for our research. We take every opportunity to explore anything of potential interest.

Since The Group specializes in pegmatology, much of our travels involve visiting, studying and documenting these structures. We have been fortuntate to be welcomed at many of the mining ventures around the world. Our Group even has the capabilty and experience to actually mine a location, having done so from Wisconsin to Madagascar.

Some of our trips have been documented more extensively then we are able to display here, but are goal is to show you some of what we have seen and experienced.

If you would like to contact the author(s) for more information, make comments or contribute information, you will find all of the staff's contact information under the Staff or Graduate Students pages.

Our List of Travels -
Field Course on the Rare Element Pegmatites of Madagascar - 3 page album


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